February 11, 2021

Water safety goes beyond the swimming pool

When we hear about water safety, we tend to think it is a seasonal issue pertaining to children and swimming pools.

Water safety goes way beyond the pool. It includes lakes, canals, ponds, and any other natural occurring body of water, plus areas in and around the house such as the bathtub, toilet and buckets.

Anyone at any age can fall victim to a water tragedy.

The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona notes that teens and adults are just as susceptible to water-related incidents. Many factors contribute to drowning among this population:

● Teens and adults have a tendency to overestimate their swimming abilities.

● Water conditions are underestimated (temperature, depth, unseen objects).

● Alcohol, drugs or medication are sometimes found to be a contributing factor.

● Life jackets are not being used.

But the most common element in adult water-related incidents is swimming alone.

You are never old enough to swim by yourself. Kids are taught that they must have a supervisor and to “swim with a buddy” as they get older. The same is true for grown-ups. We have rules too.

● Never swim alone and never swim impaired.

● Always tell someone that you are going into the pool or hot tub.

● Do not take any medications – either prescription or over-the-counter medicines – that could make you feel drowsy before entering any body of water. If you’re not sure, check with your doctor.

● Never mix alcohol and water-related activity. The water temperatures in hot tubs can speed up the effects of alcohol.

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